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There are three main systems / apps:

Tracking Time GPS Server ( )- server software for GPS tracking including device communication back-end and web interface.

TrackingInTime Android GPS Client – Android mobile app that reports phone’s location to the server

TrackingInTime Android GPS Manager – Android mobile alternative to TrackinT GPS Server web application

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Please also check for following common issues:

  1. Device sends status information, but not GPS coordinates. Usually it happens with devices that use GPS103 protocol (port 5001). The solution is to send a command to the device to activate location reporting: fix060s***n123456 (where 060s is the interval between messages, *** tells the device to continue sending locations periodically and 123456 is the default password).
  2. Devices that use TK103 protocol (port 5002) send 12-digit device identifier instead of IMEI. Usually it consists of 11 last digits from IMEI plus leading zero. For example, if IMEI number is 123456789012345, the unique id would be 056789012345. The easiest solution is to register two devices, one with full IMEI and the other one with 12-digit identifier.
  3. If your SIM Card is not making proper contact in the GPS you will not get a response, if the steel case that keeps the sim card secure is bent contact is lost. Add a piece or two of sellotape to the back of the Sim to make it thicker. Of use a piece of paper above the case to wedge it down a little.

Rules: Ensure when setting up the GPS for the first time you have:

  1. Sim card inserted correctly
  2. SMS’s available
  3. Data available
  4. Excellent cell/mobile signal for that sim card service provider
    1. You should receive and instant reply for command every SMS sent to the GPS
  5. Excellent GPS signal
    1. Not inside an office with barely any windows
    2. Not inside an office under concrete floor
    3. Not inside an office in a valley
    4. Not inside a steel warehouse
  6. Ensure you use the correct identifier / IMEA length number for  the correct GPS
  7. Ensure follow the setup steps
  8. Ensure you enable the upload times
    1. Very short for initial setup and testing i.e. every 1 minute
    2. MUP (Mobile Upload Time), SUP (Standing Upload Time), CheckGSM, CheckM

Adding a Device – “Device Identifier”

  • On the “Tracking in Time” app or cloud system.
  • When adding a device use the last 11 digits of the IMEA number and add a 0 (zero to the left)  – T6 wired unit.
  • 5in1 Unit uses the full IMEA number.
  • OBD plug in units of use the last 10 digits of the IMEA number.
  • Generally the serial number on a GPS will be one of the above numbers you should use.